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Default Brand new player, question on elementalist and rangers

Hey all!

As title says, I am a brand new player. My wife and I just picked up a copy of the game to get ready for guild wars 2. Loving the game so far I might add! We are both experienced mmorpg players and just looking for couple answers on couple things.

First... My first selection of classes have been Elementalist and Ranger. I have played both of them and enjoy them. I have read the forums and think I would like to play Searing Flames Elementalist. Perhaps a barrage ranger. I keep reading though on the these forums that both classes don't do that well when it comes to doing things on expert mode and later "harder" content after normal game is played through.

With that said I seen they did a patch where they decreased the mobs armor and added hit points. I was wondering if these classes are now in better shape? The post I am reading seem to be a bit dated thought perhaps they got buffs?

I prefer to play a straight up ranged DPS. So just really wondering how they are now in state of the game?

Any help would be great!
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For the Ele, imo, your strength lies in ranged AoE. In NM, fire will probably be your easiest line, in HM, I find earth to be more effective.

Rangers I know little about

Have fun!
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