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Absolute Destiny
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Default Best Shield Handle/Inscription setup?

Just finished WiK on my warrior, and picked up an Oppressor's Shield cuz it looks kewl.

I've never had a chance to actually customize a shield from the ground up (just used a Factions endgame Exalted Aegis) and I'm wondering what the ideal choice of shield handle and inscription is for a typical tank warrior?

All suggestions are appreciated.
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I generally play a Warrior's Endurance build with Burst of Aggression being active most of the time so I use a "Run For Your Life!" (Received physical damage -2 while in a Stance) and "of Endurance" (Health + 45 while in a stance). So, obviously, if you know you will be in a stance, those mods help. Otherwise, if you're going to be facing mostly fire or cold enemies, then it helps to have "Sleep Now in the Fire" (+10 Armor vs. Fire) or "Leaf on the Wind" (+10 Armor vs. Cold).

Also, if you're going to walk through lava (which means you will be repeatedly crippled and burning), it helps to have a shield with "Swift as the Wind" (Reduces Crippled duration on you by 20%).
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What schmerdo is basically saying is that you probably want a general shield, with universal mods for tanking. However, having alternate shields for specific situations in addition to your universal shield is very helpful. For example, "Sleep Now in the Fire" +10 vs Fire dmg is very helpful when fighting destroyers.

You can find the whole list of shield specific mods at

You can find the whole list of inscriptions for the shield at
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General all purpose shields don't exist in definition, it all depends what you need it to do.
A shield with +30 health and -5(20% chance) against physical damage is about as close as a general purpose shield gets, but you should understand the mechanics of your team first.
If your heroes can negate a lot of physical damage for you, then your shield can do something else instead. For example -2 physical damage while enchanted is good if you or your team use enchantments on yourself. Read up on team mechanics to get the info to help choose your shield.


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