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How are you charging Go For the Eyes? It costs 4 adrenaline, you can only use it once every 4 attacks. Only way to do that is with a necro bringing dark fury and Mark of Fury and spamming them a ton.

Kunder, if I'm thinking about this right, then your ignite arrows is adding 12 to each packet of damage, while expert focus and the vampiric bowstring are adding a total of 13 to each packet in the burning turret build above). Burning turret would also do +2 damage from the conjure effect (11 in fire magic versus 9 in air magic), for a total difference of +3 in favor of Burning turret per packet. Burning turret would also do more damage with bow attacks due to a 12 in Marksmanship (10 + 1 + 1) versus a 10. Call that another 2 or 3 points per packet for a total difference of 5 to 6 points per packet. Your build also benefits from 33% IAS, but burning turret benefits from.. well... burning (7 rounds per burning arrow attack). I think your build here would win out in DPS (and it has the AoE bonus), but I'm not sure that it would be such a big difference in DPS between one and the other.
Ignite arrows is a separate packet from your normal attack. That means EBSoH also applies to it a second time, so Ignite does +27 damage. This is the key to using Ignite, otherwise I would be going with Glass Arrows or something.

Keep in mind Expert's Dexterity adds +2 Marksmanship, so I'm actually at 12 total marksmanship.

If you want to work out the difference mathematically, my +27 damage bonus per attack advantage from Ignite vs your +13 damage bonus Expert + Vamp is almost exactly negated by your +14 damage per second burning effect (discounting my AoEness). The end difference being that my +33% IAS is a heck of a lot stronger than your +26 damage burning arrow over time. 1.4 extra attacks every 5s (est 112 bonus damage at 80 damage per shot) vs the extra +26 damage from Burning Arrow is a 17 DPS difference, which approximates why your build is dealing 70 DPS and mine 90 DPS.

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I believe this thread has ran it's course. Consider this a warning to those who enjoy antagonising and personally insulting other users.

It won't be happening again.
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