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Cool Auspicious Parry Paragon

I've been toying around with this build off and on for the last couple days. It's not for anywhere particular, just for general PvE, although I suppose you could replace a couple skills and it may work for low level PvP as well.

Spear 12+1
Leadership 8+1+1
Tactics 8
Command 7

Find Their Weakness
Spear of Fury
Blazing Spear
Auspicious Parry (E)
Save Yourselves
Go For The Eyes
To The Limit
Aggressive Refrain

What does everyone think?
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Old May 03, 2012, 09:42 PM // 21:42   #2
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I run a similar build on my warrior. I bring For Great Justice so AP gives 8 adrenaline so I can spam SY perfectly. It's a good team build
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