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Default AP/Extend FD replacement.

Been testing this for a few days. Now that Assassin hero chains have actually been fixed, they actually go pretty well with AP builds, but I was still having problems with AP in areas with enemy hex removal. I tried countering them with FD (Daze is an excellent hex-removal counter), but I found that FD tends to be too slow in some areas and tends to get removed very quickly. Luckily, the Hero AI for Extend Conditions is excellent and can keep daze/blind on entire enemy packs for perpetuity.

Beguiling Haze is one of the best Daze skills out there - it's a shadowstep with a short recharge and inflicts unconditional mid-duration daze. The only real rival it has is BHA, which has issues(tm) with actually hitting. Otherwise, Technobabble has always been slightly too short to work perfectly with Extend, and the other daze skills tend to be slow to charge (Stunning Strike), slow to inflict (Temple Strike), conditional (almost everything else), or melee ranged (Spear Swipe).

The main problem is that it costs 15 energy, which leaves the Assassin in danger of not having much energy to carry out the actual attack chain, especially since the AI is too stupid to maintain Critical Eye out of combat. As a result, I ended up using Weapon of Renewal (Ether Signet rarely gets used, it could probably be replaced). Most of the other Assassin E management skills don't help much if you're already out of energy - they tend to trigger off offhand or dual attacks, hence I find it works smoother with Weapon of Renewal (than splinter, even). Unseen Fury is also essential against blocking - the hero uses it excellently and after some testing, it seems a lot easier than fiddling around with stance-ending skills.

UA isn't necessary - any strong support build will do, it's just there in case the Assassin runs off thanks to poor pathing (was doing TotPK for fun).

It's a pretty fun build so far. Enemy packs are more or less perma blinded and dazed (Rupture Soul helps a lot if stuff gets past your Assassin) and the AI is -excellent- (repetition for emphasis) at Extend. It's also a lot more difficult for the AI to remove AP when it's dazed and has a EBVAS on it. Obviously, Extend doesn't have the AoE that FD does, but it doesn't clog an entire skillbar with condition inflicting stuff when all I really want is just consistent blind and daze. It's also fast enough not to have Hex removal bait > FD > Enemy hits you with Rain of Fire problems.

The problem now is taking the build a step further, it's still overrelying on SoGM/MM. Ideally, fitting in a Curses Necro for MoP/Barbs or a second Assassin (dropping 3 assassins on an AP marked target is already a very fast way of ensuring its death), hence I've been thinking of turning the MM (who isn't doing much since EBVAS is doing most of the work) into Curses or Orders (with a second Assassin). Of course, Splinter might also be nice. I'm also thinking the SoGM (which is a bit slow) could be swapped out for a second Assassin. At this point, I'm open to brainstorming though - is there anything I've overlooked?

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