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Old Jan 15, 2013, 06:44 PM // 18:44   #1
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Default Anyone know the answer?!

Have anyone ever, ever, heard of any gaming company interested in the engine and mechanics of Guild Wars 1 and maybe buying it from ArenaNet to make their own game?!

I'm asking that because it really amuses me that the game is abandoned with such huge potential to keep newcomers entering and keeping the old fan-base alive.

There isn't a single game that has similar PvP mechanics and a non-grinding PvE. It was fantastic.

The game just went dead because Arenanet was stupid enough to announce Guild Wars 2 at 2007 and make people hope that we would get the same game but with better graphics (and i know i know they did tell us along the way that we were wrong and the game would follow a different path, not their fault blah blah).

But what bothers me its that the fan-base is still huge and even people who moved on to Guild Wars 2 still misses the previous game.

There is not a single game since GW that used COORPG and PvP as their base and goal it was basically a Diablo II with steroids and tickles me that no one want to make a spiritual successor.

I mean look at the success of MOBA games, people out there are dying for a balanced PvP experience throw there a "Bonus" PvE and you have a impeccable game.

So basically i have two questions, ok, maybe 3:

1) Did anyone manifest any kind of interest on buying Guild Wars engine whatsoever?

2) There isn't any game out there like GW which we can call a spiritual successor?!

3) Arenanet have any plans for GW?! Did the GM's ever tell anything about it's future?!

Well that's it. Good to be back.
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Old Jan 15, 2013, 07:01 PM // 19:01   #2
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1) I think they can't just sell the rights to GW 1, they would have to sell the rights to the entire GW franchise and A-Net isn't going to do that any time soon. But any company would be capable of making a game that's extremely similar to GW 1 and just use a different name. However, I have not heard of such a company.

2) There was a topic named More Games Like Guild Wars! but, really, none of the games mentioned are anything close to GW 1.

3) Wait until April 28th, which is the anniversary of the game. If nothing new comes until that time, then we can safely assume that no updates are ever going to come (unless, of course, we get an official statement).
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Old Jan 15, 2013, 11:40 PM // 23:40   #3
Ayuhmii Shanbwa
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i dont know about their engine, and never saw a game as player-friendly as GW

the game isnt abandonned, its on a hold (with updates) cuz of GW2 still needing alot of attention, which will come to an end someday, and then GW and GW2 both will rise again

anyway, i really played several (free) MMO's i liked, and some seen, but i dont trust/know their company and seen some i prolly wont like anyway, but really NONE has ever come close to GW

problem with GW's style is, we have lower lvl than most MMO's, and so people need more newer expansions/content to keep playing as much as alot have done until GW2 was close, or got released

lvl 40 would do, but again, once the leveling is over, players need new parts, so they'd need to make more expansions/content
this is about any company who would make such game as GW

and i doubt any company would do such thing, they'd rather let people spend half the time lvling and do quests based on their lvls.... thats easier, right?

now that i mention.... great job Anet, for your first MMO, to be so rare and have actually more than just leveling

so i think you wont ever find a game in the style of GW o_O (that'd be only better for anet, tbh)
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 02:59 AM // 02:59   #4
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Originally Posted by Ayuhmii Shanbwa View Post
the game isnt abandonned, its on a hold (with updates) cuz of GW2 still needing alot of attention, which will come to an end someday, and then GW and GW2 both will rise again
Is that so? Source?
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 03:01 AM // 03:01   #5
spun ducky
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The engine is actually quite terrible from a development stand point. A complete rewrite would be in order for any modern game coming out even if it mimicked gw.
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 09:09 AM // 09:09   #6
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Originally Posted by Cuilan View Post
Is that so? Source?

Originally Posted by John Stumme
Hey all, I wanted to share some news with everyone. As I’m sure you guys are all aware, we here at ArenaNet have really been ramping up on Guild Wars 2 in anticipation of our release this year. In order to ensure that we are putting out the best possible game, we here at the studio are going all hands on deck - this means that the Live Team will be shifting much of its focus to support the GW2 team. We’re going to be pretty busy, but we will still support the live game with balance updates and bug fixes – there’s also something special planned for our 7th Anniversary. I hope you’re all excited for it, and we’re really looking forward to seeing you all in GW and GW2!
I think players assumed that the Live Team' move over to GW2 is just temporary, because eventually GW2 will not need their support anymore and they will return to GW1.
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Old Jan 16, 2013, 12:15 PM // 12:15   #7
I ride my Pokemon
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What bothers me its the lack of vision/intuiton of ArenaNet of making profit and taking advantage of a market that has been neglected and has no competitors for that matter.

There isn't a SINGLE COOPRPG out there besides Diablo 3, which in fact its not COOPRPG per se, but a dungeon crawler.

Add the fact that none of these games have a decent organized and estrategic PvP system and even if it had it it would be grind-level-item based rather than taking skillplay into account and still they choose to make copy-cat of World of Warcraft instead of staying with what made them UNIQUE casting aside a whole market that wants a solid PvE and PvP RPG experience and also small/medium amounts of COOP into the formula.

Like a said earlier, take all those players who play MOBA games just because there isn't a single game out there that provides a structural PvP system with decent gameplay that you can just jump in and play careless without having any commitment to the game and recognize how stupid ArenaNet decision might be. GW HAD THAT BEFORE ANYONE ELSE (I'm not talking about GvG or HA before anyone shout about it).

Not only that GW had the potential to become a E-SPORT which basically would attract hundreds of people willing for competitive gaming.

There is so many reasons why i can't understand Arenanet decision to withdraw their support to the game that i cannot possibly list all of them here and by support i mean new expansions or rehash.

If i had won the lottery i would certainly buy the game from them made a new "Title"0 and make buttloads of money cuz i'm sure as hell that there is a huge market out there just wanting and willing for that.

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Old Jan 31, 2013, 08:13 AM // 08:13   #8
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I know a lot of you think Anet is stupid for leaving a such profitable game to make a new one. But I feel this was about more than money. You see when Anet was in the process of making a new gw1 expansion, (utopia) they had so much new ideas for the game, but they felt limited with the current gw1 system. (Not that anything was wrong with gw1 system I loved it). So all these new ideas start adding up, and there was no way of implementing them into gw1, without doing a complete rebalance of the whole game, so they decided to cancel utopia and announced gw2. I know it's a business and its all about money, but I feel like there was a little more than that with Anet, they set out with all the new ideas and made the game they wanted to make.

Source: idk the link but I read an article of it somewhere, when I was doing research about the gw expansion utopia.

I still prefer gw1 till this day over gw2, but Anet didn't go wrong anywhere. Gw2 is a huge success with millions of copies sold. I wish Anet the best of luck, but I hope for updates for the first rpg I was ever addicted too, gw1.
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The only thing that can happen is put it inthe hands of subcontractor to update the engine with x axis.This is mostly NCsoft dicision.
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