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Default After update and elementalist

So I just got back into guild wars and wanted to start a new character. I want a good damage dealer profession and was hoping to try elementalist but I keep on finding posts that their damage is lacking and that if I wanted a damage dealer I should just go warrior for highest consistent DPS. Is that true? Are elementalist still lacking in terms of damage when doing NM/HM? How do they compare to warriors?
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Old Apr 19, 2012, 08:20 PM // 20:20   #3
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In non-elite or HM areas Elementalists can do very well. Otherwise your definition of whether elementalists can deal damage depends heavily on whether you consider AP to be an "elementalist" build.
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Old Apr 20, 2012, 12:35 PM // 12:35   #4
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Elementalists are fine for damage - great in Normal Mode, adequate in Hard Mode - even without going Elementalist/Assassin for Assassin's Promise. Player perception, especially among farmers, speed clearers, and those who mostly only do the dailies, is their main problem.

You just need to remember to switch away from a Fire-based build when fighting primarily Destroyers or Titans (yay for being able to warp back to town any time and adjust your build! :P), and areas where you know you're going to face lots of fire elementals. Keeping the listing of damage types handy so you can check which monsters resist which elements is a good idea.
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Old Apr 20, 2012, 01:05 PM // 13:05   #5
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It looks like the op was looking at old posts because a few months back eles had a few skills buffed and a change to hm - anet reduced the ar of foes in hm and added some hp instead.This should mean where before eles were great in nm but weak in hm , now with the changes they should be a bit stronger and better dmg.Ogre is right but also has overlooked one thing - when fighting vs destroyers an some titans drop in winter and the fire ele doesnt have to switch to a diff element.
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