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Default 2 PC builds, thoughts please?

In the coming months, a ton of games will be coming out that a lot of people are looking forward to. I am to be counted among those people. However I have always been a console gamer and only recently really started to use my PC for gaming besides Guild Wars. That being said, naturally since my machine was not designed around this it doesn't perform as well as it could, not bad, but not great. I use a custom built tower a friend helped me put together about a year and a half ago for about $450-$500 and it has served me well so far. It was a well needed upgrade from the outdated integrated gpu machine I was using before. I am not very knowledgeable about the internals of computers tho I am machine friendly and can deconstruct/reconstruct things without problems. I am currently using a tower containing this:

Nvidia GeForce 9500GT 512mb 128bit ddr2 graphics card
Intel Core 2 Quad CPU @ 2.40ghz (4 CPU's)
8gb RAM (but running WinXP pro so the system only uses 4gb)
a Gigabyte motherboard (I don't know much about it but this is the model name on the box: GA-EP45-UD3P)

Various other cheap parts but from what I am told the ones listed above are the most important when building a machine focused around gaming.

But with games like Guild Wars 2, Skyrim and Battlefield 3 on the horizon I highly doubt my current machine will run them so I would like to start ordering parts to build a new machine focused on gaming specifically with web browsing and general everyday use in mind. Something not too expensive, that could possibly last 3-5 years with minimal upgrades, the cheaper the better as I am working on a budget but obviously this limits the power of the computer I would be able to build. I have already put together 2 towers of varying degrees and would like some more knowledgeable advice on changes/parts to better my investment, if possible keeping the price under or near $1000. Although if an extra $100-$200 would get me a MUCH better performing machine I would like the input as well.

Tower #1:

Pic of the entire build:

Grand total including shipping: close to $600

Tower #2:

Pic of the entire build:

Grand total including shipping: close to $900

Adding the price tag of a legit copy of Windows 7 to each above build. Any help on picking apart these 2 builds and improving on them for about the same cost would be very much appreciated as I hope to start ordering parts by the end of next week and hopefully finishing the tower around the holidays as I don't have the money to shell out upfront for a new computer.

Looking forward to some good feedback.
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I have a friend with just that a core quad 2.4Ghz it's OCed to about 3.2Ghz but it keeps up what a gtx480 so if you have a power supply that will handle it you can get a away with just a graphic card update.

On to the builds you made the #1 seems weak on the graphic side but otherwise a good system for gaming. #2 seems like a good well rounded system if it was me i would get a gtx560TI unless they are very close in prize to a gtx570.
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There's not much to say. You may or may not be able to save a bit here or there on specific parts from specific vendors, but basically there's no problems with either system.
The second system (i5) is, of course, more powerful.

Be sure to get the 64-bit version of Windows 7 (or, in some cases, be sure to install the 64-bit version).

Btw, the first system (the AMD) would not be much of an improvement, CPU-wise, over your current Core 2 Quad (if any). You could simply replace the 9500GT with a GTX 460 (and maybe a larger power supply, if needed) and have about the same thing.,3007-5.html

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Thumbs up Good start!

The second build should be good once you have it working together. Only thing I would change is that power supply. 650W and a single GTX 570, no problem. But if you plan on adding hard drives or another 570 its way too WEAK When you are ready to get this system, double check the compatibility of all your parts. Then check them all again before you hit the checkout/buy button. I say that because it will make your first "issues" getting the system running less of a headache. Visit every manufacturer's page for your gear if you can't find it on newegg.
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