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Old Jul 12, 2006, 04:14 AM // 04:14   #1
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Default 100% Glads Defence Trolls farm build!

Hello.. First off, i dont belive a similar build has been posted before, but if it has then im very sorry.
Now, to the build!


Strengh: 11 (10+1)
Axe Mastery: 11 (10+1)
Tactics: 15 (11+3+1)

1) Cyclone Axe
2) Optional slot
3) Dolyak Signet
4) Gladiators Defence {E}
5) Whirlwind
6) "On your knees!"
7) Healing Signet
8) Sprint

About the armor:
Pretty much anything works fine, but one piece of absorbtion armor is >>VERY<< useful for >>ALL<< Warrior builds. Stonefist Gauntles can give extra KD time on Whirlwind, with can be useful, but not exactley needed (explained later). Then a Tactics helm for more Glads def dmg, and then i use Glads armor for the rest.
For weapon + Shield i use the Collector -2/45+ shield and for weapon i use Wings axe, but mainly any max dmg Zealous axe would do.

Using the build:
Now i assume that most of you know where the trolls is and stuffs, so i wont go into that >_>.

Aggro the Trolls, and hit Dolyak signet + Glads defence. And then Use Cyclone axe much as you can for more dmg + Adreanalin. Then, when Glads def begin to flash, use Whirlwind, and while they are on ground, hit "On your Knees!". This recharge Glads def that you use before they get up. (Using stonefist gloves makes this kinda easyer and more relaxed xD). Simply keep doing this untill the trolls are dead ^^.
(Note, the zealous axe is to make sure you can keep up with the constant energy use without using Bonettis. (5 Cyclone, 5 Glads def, 10 Whirlwind).

Now if it happens that you are getting low on hp, O.O, then cast healing signet after whirlwind. (On your Knees is a shout and can be used During Healing sig). This way the trolls dont interupt or hit you becouse they are KD'ed. But mainly then i dont really need to heal much becouse you are allways in a Block stance, and you have Dolyak for extra armor. (Stonefist make the KD longer so its easyer to get heal sig off without getting hit/interupted).

Now that was most of what should be needed ^^ to farm the poor overfarmed trolls..

But!, i still have a few words i want to say:
For the optional skill slot: I dont really know what would be good to take here, atm i just have bonettis, but i NEVER use that :S. So i guess that it would be possible to take something better..

And about the killspeed: well, i dont know if its faster than the Cyclone/Tripple chop build, But it works great for me ..

Well other than that there is just left to say: Dont cast On you knees too fast cus if its casted before Whirlwind then it dont work

Note: Sorry about the miss spellings and the like: Its 6 am, Im tired, And im not from a english speaking country.

Good luck and Happy farming


EDIT: OH shit did this go to the Monk Forum >.< Some1 move it to Farming Forum please!! sry sry >.< Its early, spare my life!
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Old Jul 12, 2006, 04:26 AM // 04:26   #2
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very nice, ill have to try this

ty for the build (i havent seen it anywhere else either)
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Old Jul 12, 2006, 05:41 AM // 05:41   #3
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nice build, not gunna bash you and scream OMG COPIER!! 'cause.. I've come up with builds before, too, not knowing someone else has posted them..

my friend posted it up on here a longlong while ago, back a week or so after factions came out.. I think it was in the warrior section.. same build, exactly, attribs might be different tho, not sure.

he used bonetti's defense in optional slot so that zealous or not you can always have enough energy.
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